Jiangxi Provincial Committee Propaganda Department deploys comprehensive management of entertainment

On September 13th, Jiangxi Province held a comprehensive management of entertainment in the field of entertainment, conveying the spirit of the comprehensive management of the Cultural Cultural Management of the Central Propaganda Department, in accordance with the series of important instructions and work requirements made in accordance with the provincial party committee’s comprehensive management work in the field of entertainment. Arrange to deploy comprehensive governance in our 南京新茶外卖论坛 province’s cultural field.

At the meeting, the Provincial Party Propaganda Department, the Provincial Party Network Network Office, the Provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Public Security Department, the Provincial Department of Justice, Provincial Wenhao Hall, Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, Provincial Radio and Television Bureau, Group Provincial Party, Provincial Women’s Federation, Provincial Wen, Jiangxi Daily, Jiangxi Radio and Television Station, the Provincial Taxation Bureau, Jiangxi Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Jiangxi Securities Regulatory Bureau, Provincial Work Association, etc., according to the specific work deployment and requirements of the central ministries, and to further clarify their respective job responsibilities and tasks, and their respective responsibilities The problems in the area of ??entertainment and the recent rectification work arrangements and results have been summarized and exchanged. The meeting requires that the relevant departments and units in the province must deepen ideological understanding, and profoundly understand the importance and urgency of the central deployment of comprehensive management work in entertainment, accurately grasp the central decision-making deployment and the requirements of the provincial party 上海哪里有妹子服务 committee, and put this task Important agenda, falling into small implementation of various work initiatives; implementing work responsibility, strengthening responsibility, implementing the responsibility of the industry, responsibility, departmental supervision responsibility, who is responsible, who hosted who is responsible, doing Social and soil responsibility, defending the soil responsibility, defending the soil; the comprehensive system governance, ensuring that the investigation and governance work does not have a leak and dead angle, which will never provide the spatial and soil of survival and spread; ensure effectiveness, task, task Division, adhere to the overall propulsion, integrated policy, synergistic, to make the people see change, see the effect. In order to promote the implementation, the province has 上海外菜gzs established a multi-area, cross-sectoral cooperation work mechanism, measures and raise the combination of punches, and the cultivation of the entertainment field. (Reporter Gong Yanping) (Editor: Qiu Wei, Rona) Share more people to see.