Zhengzhou introduced the "policy package"

Original title: Zhengzhou introduced the "policy package" this newspaper (Reporter Xu Jianxun Wang Yanhui) On August 24th, the Zhengzhou Municipal Government Office issued "Zhengzhou City support enterprises to accelerate the reconstruction completion of 50 measures" (hereinafter referred to as " Measures "), rebuild the" acceleration "after racing enterprises with hard initiatives. Support enterprise maintenance production equipment. The affected enterprises are maintained in the production, inspection, testing, etc. . Support enterprise technology transformation. Support enterprises to implement high-end, intelligent, green transformation, to meet the requirements, and encourage companies to continue to improve the technical level in accordance with the proportion of 30% of the actual investment. Support enterprises to repair rebuild production places and architectural facilities.

Enterprise production venues and auxiliary buildings, facilities are submerged to repair or rebuild, 20% of repair or rebuild actual costs, regular enterprise subsidies no more than 5 million yuan, regular enterprise subsidy no more than 100 10,000 yuan.

  Supports power production guarantee.

From August 12th, on September 1, the operating unit of the coal-fired power supply plant was given a one-time subsidy of 5 yuan per kilowatt according to the average power generation load; the new launching running unit was given according to the average power generation load, 1 1 Yuan subsidy. Support for the reconstruction of commercial and flow of cultural library enterprises. For severe large-scale shopping malls and cultural enterprises, support for storage logistics and entertainment, the actual costs produced, the actual costs produced, and the proportion of 50% is given, the large-scale shopping mall supermarket subsidy does not exceed 100 Ten thousand yuan, the single-family subsidy of Wen Travel Enterprises does not exceed 2 million yuan.

  Supporting the resumption and renovation of the farmer ‘s business market. The 138 farmers markets in the city and 159 professional markets were given 500,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan or 100,000 yuan subsidies according to the disaster situation and reconstruction and expansion. Support chain retail stores and individual industrial and commercial households resume operation. For the chain retail store and individual industrial and commercial industrial and commercial industrial households caused by the disaster, it is suspended, and it supports its operating costs (housing, water, electricity, electricity bills), supports its restoration production and operation activities. Yuan. Reduce business rent.

Small and medium-sized enterprises and individual industrial and commercial industrial households in rented state-owned assets and affected by affected people, the rent is implemented in accordance with the "exemption of two minus" during the suspension, specifically all the rent in August, half a semi-levy September, Rates in October.

Translating real estate projects delivery period, post-defense period is no more than 3 months. In terms of finance, credit and taxes, "measures" proposed, increase credit loans, and issued 300,000 yuan or less, freely assured credit loans for 300,000 yuan for small and micro enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, etc. Bank loans are still paying interest rates, and free of charge.

  "Measures" specially proposed to accelerate the government’s arrears, the money arrears in the government, especially private enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, to raise funds, accelerate the repayment progress, ensuring that all of them will be in place before the end of September. (Editor: Huang Sha, Xu Yinghong) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.