Xingye Bank Xiamen Branch study and implement the 19th National Conference of the Communist Party of China, the 11th Party Congress and General Community of Fujian Province

After the eleventh party congress in Fujian Province, after the establishment of Xiamen Branch, the Xiamen Branch of Industrial Bank, organized all the employees to convey the spirit of the study conference, and research and implement the opinions.

Recently, the party committee issued the "Notice on" The "The Self-Revolutionary Sustainable Enhancement Capacity" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), deployed learning to implement the 11th Party Congress of Fujian Province Activity. According to reports, "Notice" requested that all employees of Xingye Bank Xiamen Branch practices this theme event, as an important part of the spirit of implementing the Party’s 19th Plenary Session, Fujian Province Eleventh Party Congress and General Branch of the Fujian Work Conference Deployment, as an important way to promote the in-depth development of party history education, as an important starting point of the promotion of strict treatment from severely deepening to the grassroots and extending to the grassroots level.

At the same time, the branch is required to integrate the "brave self-revolution" into the construction of corporate culture and values. Find the ability to make a short board and persevere promotion. In the row, a new round of discussion and thinking of "comprehensive upgrade evolution", earnestly planning next year’s work ideas and long-term strategic planning, promoting all employee spiritual appearances have new realm, and there is a new improvement in various capabilities, solving new methods, officers There is a new achievement in the entrepreneurship, and the brave service Fujian promotes the financial "main army" of high quality development transcendence. It is reported that, the Xiamen Branch of Industrial Bank also held the party committee (expanded) meeting, learning to implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China, combined with its own reality, revolving the Puhui Finance, rural revitalization, digital management, green finance, robust management The deployment implements the spirit of the relevant conference. On the basis of learning, the new development concept guidance work, organizes training classes, and requires the head of the comprehensive branch to combine the spirit of the conference, draw spiritual power, strengthen the grassroots battle fortress, and form specific work ideas. Help branch to achieve high quality development. The relevant person in charge of Xiamen Branch of Industrial Bank said, this branch will learn well, propaganda, and implement three conference spirit as an important political task, carefully organized, carefully deployed, guided all employees in the future. With higher political consciousness, ideological and consciousness and actions, we will unify our thoughts and actions to the spirit of the conference, and contribute to the comprehensive construction of a comprehensive construction of socialist modern national Fujian. (Yu Nai Le Zhang Wei) (Editor: Wu Zhou, Zhang Zijian) Sharing Let more people see client downloads.