Undertaking the exhibition overflow effect Ningbo and the Middle Eastern European national exhibitor one-on-one negotiation

  Original title: In the Expo, Ningbo "Group" and Middle Eastern European exhibitors have negotiated the overflow effect to explore cooperation opportunities through the "Dongfeng" of the Expo, Ningbo actively undertakes the exhibition overflow effect, explore and explore the Middle Eastern European countries. Economic and trade cooperation opportunities. On the afternoon of the 6th, China (Ningbo) – Middle Eastern European Economic and Trade Docking will be held in Shanghai, inviting domestic key buyers on-site promotion, and organizes 17 exhibitors from the Middle Eastern European countries to conduct a pair of contacts.

  "Before the docking will have a precise pair, this time, a total of 5 rounds of 46 pairs of negotiations, so that both parties have more efficient cooperation.

"The relevant person in charge of the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce introduced that on the basis of traditional food and daily consumer goods this year, the breakthrough of new categories such as medical bed, home decoration." During the period of the Expo, the Ningbo Municipal Government built such a connection. Will help us expand the import of the Middle Eastern Europe, enhance the Chinese market to understand the Middle East European goods.

Shi Wei, the general manager of the Chinese-Known Trade Director participating in the opposing meeting, said that in recent years, Ningbo has strengthened the important breakthroughs in cooperation with the Middle East Europe as a "all road" construction, and actively build China and the Middle East European countries exchange cooperation.

In order to create the preferred place to enter China in China, Ningbo will also strive to achieve imported trade volume from the Central and Eastern European countries in 2025 accumulated by 10 billion US dollars.

At the dock, Ben in Ningbo entrepreneurship told reporters: "I am doing imported business in Poland, Romania, etc., the goods are mainly based on wine.

Thanks to Ningbo’s high quality business environment and policy support. Since this year, the company has exceeded RMB 10 million. "Not only that, in June this year, China-Middle Eastern European National Expo, Ningbo has also established the Middle East Ou Purchasing Alliance. Head of a number of local foreign trade leaders, the alliance is committed to docking China and the Middle Eastern European countries , The Commercial Association provides one-stop service such as integrated consultation, import agent, trade finance, channel sales and warehousing logistics. In the first three quarters of this year, Ningbo has reached billion yuan from "a belt all the way". %, Accounting for nearly 30% of all imported specific gravity.

Among them, imports from the Central and Eastern European countries is 6.1 billion yuan, an increase of 214% year-on-year. "In recent years, with the company – Middle Eastern European National Expo, China-Middle Eastern European Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone, the Middle East Europe International Industrial Cooperation Park and other platform carriers, our province has a new level with the Economic and Trade Cooperation of East Europe." The Provincial Department of Commerce is relevant Introduction, in the context of global epidemics, in the first half of this year, Zhejiang and the Middle Eastern European countries still handed over the "high-score report", the total import and export volume reached 7.2 billion US dollars, an increase of 43% year-on-year, Zhejiang from the Middle East Europe The import of imports reached 122%. In the next five years, Zhejiang will strive to import 20 billion US dollars in the Middle Eastern European national commodity and achieve more than $ 1.5 billion in two-way investment.

(Reporter Wang Kaiyi Jinliang Correspondent Wu Yizhen) Responsible Editor: Zhang Ling.