Visual China: Cooperation with Phoenix Concended Professional Cooperation

[】 Secondary of the Second November 12th, Vision China (000681) and Phoenix Satellite Culture Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Phoenix Concentric") signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing.

Both sides will be based on the integration of global high quality copyright resources, art, science and technology, commercial cross-border advantage resources, and jointly force visual NFT art collection transactions, promote the industrialization of artistic media, and constantly provide the public to provide quality cultural content.

In recent years, cultural and related industrial enterprises in the national economy have continued to improve, cultural and technological have become an important engine for the innovation and development of new era cultural industries in my country. Based on the prospects of the continued rapid development of my country’s cultural industry, the strategic cooperation of China and Phoenix contest came into being. Company introduction, visual China is the first platform-type cultural technology company that applies Internet technology to copyright visual content services in the Mainland, providing billions of high quality, professional pictures, video and music materials through the Internet Copyright Trading Platform, for the content ecology The producer provides all-round copyright transactions and value-added services.

In 2018, Visual China acquires and operates 500px, the world’s leading photographer community website. In the future, the community will be empower digital art trading, and provide one-stop service for creators storage, promotion, and sales. . According to the relevant person in charge of China. developing.

"As the flagship platform of the cultural industry of the Phoenix Satellite TV Group, Phoenix context is the first cultural enterprise in the Mainland to build" Art + Industrial "model. Based on" Phoenix Art Full Media ", focusing on art creation a better life, with urban areas, smart communities, Commercial real estate, public space teamed up, in-depth urban update, serve the people’s better life needs.

For the two sides, the relevant person in charge of the Phoenix contend said that "visual art is in the artistic form of public awareness of the masses in the inheritance, contemporary and aesthetics of their form.

Cooperation with visual China is a full-scale union. The Phoenix condensation first will explore the excellent visual artists on the vision of the Chinese platform, actively promote the contemporary surface of visual art; will introduce a large number of exclusive art IPs at home and abroad, using technology to stimulate artist creations Power, thereby realizing the extensive communication of high quality cultural content, promoting the development of digital cultural industry value chains.

"Visual China has great advantages in the quantity, quality, richness and comprehensiveness of global visual content. It is reported that the visual China and Phoenix condensation will focus on the line of cooperation between digital art collection transactions. The Chinese cultural visibility IP, multi-fashioned expression of the international field of view, talking about Chinese stories, providing high-quality spiritual food for the public.

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