Wang Lixia: Do "11 full" resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control

Original title: Wang Lixia emphasized the "Eleventh Comprehensive" to defend the "Eleventh Comprehensive" to defend the epidemic prevention and control of the "Eleventh Comprehensive" to defend the epidemic prevention and control of the "Eleventh Comprehensive", October 31, the autonomous regional party committee, the autonomous region chairman Wang Lixia hosted by the Yinja flag The epidemic prevention and control work deployment meeting, conveyed the Director of the National Health and Justice Committee, the comrades of the comrades of the National Health Committee, and the provision of the State Council’s joint defense mechanism, and then deploy it.

She emphasized that we must do a good job around "Eleven", and thoroughly win this epidemic prevention and control. Wang Lixia pointed out that the current epidemic prevention and control work has been fully accelerated by the previous measures, competing for the stage of disposal of the epidemic, and transferred to the stage of refined disposal and consolidating the effectiveness of the epidemic prevention and control.

All relevant departments at all levels must resolutely implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the prevention and control of epidemic, resolutely implement the State Council’s joint-defense mechanism and the party committee of the autonomous region, always build the most serious attitude, the most stringent standard, the most strict measures Firm line, put the door, do a good job.

Wang Lixia emphasizes that we must comprehensively and follow up with the changes of people’s change information, strengthen the department’s sympathy, cross-track cooperation, and internal and external coordinates, ensure real-time clearance, human head and clear, position clear, control. It is necessary to comprehensively enhance the nucleic acid detection and efficiency, optimize the workflow, and strengthen information communication, and further increase the detection quality and efficiency. It is necessary to strengthen community control, scientific dealing, and adjust the risk level and prevention and control area in a timely manner. It is necessary to fully implement the isolation point management requirements, strengthen the health monitoring of the isolation personnel, implement the "three districts and two channels", effectively avoid cross infection. To fully disinfect the hotel, the guests and other places, and the effectiveness is evaluated by the CDC, and improve improvements in time and timely.

It is necessary to fully strengthen hospital treatment and hospitality prevention and control, ensuring that patient treatment is safe, but also ensures normal medical services.

To fully implement the workgroup opinions, solidification schemes, special offensive, inverting time limit, timely feedback.

To fully update all kinds of programs, accounts, roadmaps, doing program, deployment has progress, advancement, and assessment. It is necessary to fully grasp the material guarantee, control the newslette of the urgent needs, and seize the transfer reserves, and seize allocate in place.

To comprehensively strengthen news propaganda and public opinion guidance, timely track reports, respond to social concerns in time, and stabilize social expectations in time.

It is necessary to fully play the role of party members’ pioneering model and grassroots party organization battle fortress, so that the party emblem is shining in front of the frontline, so that the party flag is highly fluttered in the front line. The State Council’s joint defense mechanism completed the head of the Working Group of Inner Mongolia, Li Bin, deputy director of the National Health and Health Committee, and the autonomous region leading Ouyang Xiaohui and Heng Xiaofan attended the meeting.

The team leader at each special working group of the epidemic prevention and control frontline shall participate in the meeting. (Inner Mongolia Daily News Media Reporter Zhang Kui) (Editor: Liu Ze, Zhang Xue Dong) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.