Ziyun: "123" work method weaving special dresses to prevention and control network

At present, Guizhou’s epidemic prevention and control work is facing unprecedented challenges, and Ziyun Autonomous County combines "I have a practical thing for the masses" to convert the party history education to the exhibition of prevention and control. For the current epidemic, complicated and severe situation, combination It is actual, accurately analyzes the focus of recent epidemic prevention work, launches "123" work method, weaving the dresses of the epidemic prevention and control network, effectively protect the health and life safety of the people, and enhance the security of the people.

Strictly implement the reporting system, the main leaders of the unit must report to the party committee, the government’s main leaders according to the proceedings, and public officials in all units must report to the main leadership of the unit, minimize the flow of personnel, ensure zero infection.

Always maintain the emergency command system in an activation state, stick to 24 hours, strictly enforce the "Daily Report" "Zero Report" system, do the organization’s constant, the person is in the post, the management operation is timely, ensuring the emergency mode conversion, seamlessly There is a burst condition to be disposed of in time. On the one hand, strengthen investigation management. In response to the veals such as Zunyi, the violet people are immediately settled, comprehensively investigate, strictly control measures, and ensure that the external prevention input is landed.

Strict mail express disinfection and traceability management work, and strictly prevent the input epidemic risk of mail express delivery. On the other hand, strengthen the departmentally linkage group control.

The medical institution strictly implements the hospital’s prevention and control measures, strengthens the pre-testing and fever clinics, strict patients to accompany and explore management, and strengthen the treatment of medical waste. All levels of schools and child care institutions have strictly enforce morning inspection measures to strengthen the ventilation and disinfection of key places such as classrooms, canteens, dormitory, laboratories, and do a good wellness to the cafeteria, staff health monitoring.

The school medical room further strengthened communication with the health health department and gave full play to monitoring and warning, and strengthened the anti-prevention security of conference activities.

All local departments are strictly implemented to establish the "four-level package protection" responsibility system, namely county leaders, township (street), township (street) leaders, villages (community) cadres, department leading package industries, further enhance group defense group Control overall synergy. First, focus on key transportation station epidemic prevention and control. Key traffic court stations such as passenger stations have strengthened management, strictly implement various prevention and control measures, strengthen foreign people’s epidemic prevention and control, and resolutely block the risk of input epidemic.

The second is to focus on the hotel’s epidemic prevention and control. Strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures such as temperature measurement code, double code ratio, environmental murder. The third is the focus of scenic spots.

Comprehensively strengthen staff health training and environmental health management, do a good job in clean and disinfection of high-frequency contact objects, strictly enforce temperature measurement scanning code, wearing masks, "one-meter line" and other prevention and control measures. Resolutely implement the "reservation, limit flow, wrong peak" requirements, reasonably control the tourist reception cap, encourage the online ticket purchase, scanning payment and other non-contact ticket purchase and payment methods. For projects and places that are easy to form tourists, especially in a sealed area or relative sealed area (such as indoor or semi-closed entertainment venues, venues, etc.) to strengthen ventilation, reasonably set the audience’s spacing, prevent people from being too intensive, and ensure that the safety of tourism scenic spots Open.

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