Suqian Yanyang: "Cloud Baste" platform online on-site investigation is not meeting

In the education of party history, Suyang County, Suqian City, a practice of "I do practical things for the masses", further deepening the reform of the administrative examination and approval, and took the lead in launching the first remote "cloud" platform in Jiangsu Province, throughout the process network operation, implementation On-site investigation "no face".

After the "cloud" platform is online, the remote video connection replaces the traditional personnel on-site survey, the applicant and the surveyor conducts the need to review the video method, which has achieved the "zero contact" of the applicant, avoiding the risk of the epidemic, and decreases The administrative cost is convenient for the masses.

In order to better serve the masses, Suyang County, Suqian County, through the combing of the survey, rehabilitate the process, innovation, using Internet thinking, using mobile communication and cloud computing technology, established a set platform information push, information sharing, video full record, video data cloud storage The remote survey system such as the integrated function allows the administrative approval to the "highway" of the network platform. According to Zhang Quancheng, the staff member of the Sangyang County Administration Bureau of Suqian City, the exploration of the entire process of imaging information can be stored in the permanent cloud. At any time, the verification will greatly reduce the influence of the personal subjective factors of the surveyor to the approval results, so that the conventional circulation is more impartial and transparent.

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