The big party wisdom leading the construction of scientific and technological strong countries

  In the Chinese Communist Party Leading Revolution, Construction, Reform of the Hundred Years of Brilliance, the science and technology cause has always had a very important role in the party and the people’s career, and play a very important role.

Under the leadership of the party, scientists practiced the scientific and salvation, scientific reporting, science and education, and the idea of ??science and technology, and established the merits of the history. During the new democratic revolution, the scientific and technological cause of the party leaders defeated a variety of difficulties and stubborn and stubbornly.

In the exchange of modern scientific culture and Chinese traditional culture, the seeds of modern science in China landed in China.

  The Communist Party attaches great importance to the science and technology cause. In the Central Revolutionary Base, the party is based on some medical, military, communications and industrial and agricultural institutions, and began practices using scientific and technological power to serve military struggle and production. In the Yan’an period, our party leaders set up the first science and technology community – Northwest Natural Science Research Association, founded the first science and education institution-Yan’an Natural Sciences, gathered and cultivated a group of scientific knowledge, revolutionary struggle spirit and struggle The experienced talents, they made a unique contribution to the victory of the victory and the War of Liberation. After the founding of New China, the development of the people’s science and technology entered a new stage. Under the leadership of the party, the majority of scientific and technological workers have entered the science, actively participate in the science and technology cause and major science and technology projects, and have achieved Lu Xiangcheng oil theory, "two bombing a star", artemisinum extract, and build Wuhan Yangtze River The bridge has developed major scientific and technological achievements such as electronic computers.

With the convening of the National Science Conference in 1978, China welcomed the spring of China ushered in science, the reform of science and technology system was in-depth, and the strategy of science and education was vigorously implemented.

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, an innovation is the first motivation, a comprehensive implementation of an innovative driving development strategy, building a world science and technology, and promoting new historical achievements, aerospace, information, since the implementation of innovative driving development strategies. Transportation, Ocean, Energy, Electricity, Petroleum, Chemical, Materials, Agriculture, Water Conservancy, Medical Health, Architecture, Nuclear Industry and other scientific and technological fields, break through a group of major engineering technology difficulties, high-tech industries flourished, science and technology benefits Significant, it is accelerating the construction of scientific and technological powers, achieving higher levels self-intensity. Today, in the historical intersection point of "two hundred years" struggle, we will open an important moment of building a new journey in building socialist modernization, looking back in the Chinese Communist Party’s 100-year-old, and summarizes the intelligence of the intelligence and Accumulated Kobodyn and Scholarships is particularly significant. Since the century, the party leaders’ scientific and technological undertakings have continued to victory along the independent innovation of Chinese characteristics. The party’s leadership is unified with the mass route.

The party’s leadership is the biggest political advantage. Adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership of the science and technology, in order to achieve the overall situation, coordinate all parties, the view, and all the bureaus, and grasp the fundamental. The mass route is the party’s lifeline and fundamental work route.

Adhere to the mass line, put the party’s correct advocacy into the conscious action of the masses, in order to fully stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creative of the majority of scientific and technological personnel.

  The far-off goals are coordinated with real needs. For more than 100 years, all the party leaders all the struggles of the Chinese people, in order to achieve the realization of socialist modernization and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, emphasizing the combination of real needs, steps, and advancement.

In terms of scientific and technological undertakings, it is also a new strategic goal with the times, with only the sense of mission, sense of responsibility, urgency, and grab the development opportunity, and strive in the technology competition.

  The top floor design combines with the grassroots exploration. During different historical periods, our party attaches great importance to the overall concept and system concept of technology development, attaching importance to the top floor of scientific and technological strategy, coordinating and comprehensive deployment, respecting the first spirit of local, scientific research institutions and scientific and technological workers, emphasizing the Classification according to the actual situation , Adhere to major reforms, pilot pilots, and then promote experience.

  The national strength is complementary to market mechanism.

Under the leadership of the party, we have formed an efficient organization mobilization system, adhere to "two-handed, two hands", let the market "I can’t see the hand" to determine the role in technology innovation resources, and better play the government " The role of the hand, play the strength of the national system, avoiding the disadvantages of scientific and technological resource allocation and scientific and technological evaluation "urgent work."

  Independent and open cooperation promotes each other.

Science and technology is established, and the country is strong.

Our party has always emphasized your own business, self-reliance and independence, self-reliance, independent innovation.

At the same time, our party highly attaches great importance to the open cooperation in science and technology, and actively integrates the global technology innovation network, actively participating in the major challenges faced by humanity, and strives to promote scientific and technological innovation and benefits to more countries and people, and build a human fate community.

  The road is like iron, and now step by step. After a difficult intervention, today, we are closer to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation than any period in history.

The "14th Five-Year Plan" new journey has been opened, and a new round of medium and long-term technology development plan is about to release. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the whole society has formed a full respect for the atmosphere of scientific and technological talents, strengthening scientific management and service security for scientific research activities. Create a good scientific research environment and innovative ecology for technology innovation. The majority of scientific and technological workers should strengthen the "four confidence" and innovation, continue to adhere to the autonomous innovation of Chinese characteristics, accelerate scientific and technological innovation in various fields, master the global scientific and technological competition, and move forward towards the second hundred years of struggle.

(Wanjin Bo Author is a researcher of the Science and Technology Strategic Advisory Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Executive Director of the Research Support Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences).