Xinhua Quanyai + 丨 this fighter, he uses a brush to check "warm winter"

  Xinhua News Agency Yinchuan November 14th (Reporter Xie Jianwen) After the snow, the epidemic prevention and control isolation point is inside the isolation of the isolation point, and the medical staff who fights in the anti-coronary pneumonia epidemic is firm; isolation, red vest volunteers I am busy checking the seal, next to a stop behind, the traffic police wearing protective clothing is close to the window … This is the scene of the new "Life Line" of the young painter Wang Yongzhen.

"This red-yellow zone with a common guardian, meaning the lifeline. This makes me feel that this winter is not cold, many people are warm and we are warm." Wang Yongzhen said, he also specially draws it in the car handles. A red street with "safe", hopes that the haze of the epidemic will be scattered soon.

  The 40-year-old Wang Yongzhen is the deputy director of the Yuanzhou District Cultural Center in Guyuan City, Ningxia. It has more than 20 years of age.

Since the emergence of the new crown pneumonia epidemics, they looked at people who were busy in the anti-vlorative line. He said, it was deeply touched, and the creation of the "most beautiful angel" in the anti-vulgence of the "Life Line" is one of the works. He took a painted figure with a brush, and a scene of "I am", "the little warmth in the picture is touched.

Today, he has drawn more than 20. Wang Yongzhen said that it was originally named "The most beautiful angel", because the recent medical staff is the most recent medical staff, in the front line of the fattle, and the struggles of the virus for many days, and fight against death.

On social media, full of blood, the skin wrinkles, the skin wrinkled, and the hood is out of the print … These gave him inspiration, and it was specially created "Both Blood".

  Wang Yongzhen said that this painted was completed for a week, and only this pair of eyes took a nearly five days.

"The eyes are the windows of the soul, and it is the hardest to pass God.

I want the audience to see the fatigue revealed by the red blood, but also understand the firm sense of belief in her eyes.

"In the white angel, with the continuous fermentation of the epidemic, there are more and more people on the anti-vulcinating line. For the home isolation of the volunteers who sent themselves and drink, stick to the community personnel of the community to the community personnel, and watch the high-speed intersection. Temperature and disinfection traffic police … New round of new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the whole country, all walks of life are screwed into a rope, and construct a national anti-optical defense line.

  So, he also painted the police, community volunteers, township cadres … "At this time, I think everyone in all walks of life is an angel. Their paying we warm us, and build an epidemic. ‘Iron and steel Great Wall’.

"Wang Yongzhen said. Before and after the Spring Festival last year, Wang Yongzhen was on the community volunteer epidemic (this year, he once again became a community volunteer, shoveling the snow during the day, keeping the community into and outper, carrying the body temperature measurement registration, at night squeezing time Image of "Eprecision Angel".

  "My painting can’t find a fixed prototype, but there is a prototype everywhere." Wang Yongzhen said that in addition to simply collecting material from social media, he touched his own scene, he all took the paper pen and recorded these. A touch of painting is connected. In the "Christmas Eve", on a card point of the highway, under the dark lights, the snow fluttered.

Dressed in protective clothing for a day of staff, put down the speakers, finally have time to sit on the stool, pick up the phone to send a peaceful family. Wang Yongzhen said that this painting is inspired by colleagues worth watching at the highway. Colleagues have to be busy every day, often 12 o’clock in the night, can send text messages to the house, and report to peace.

"Pick up the phone, then explain that this day is smooth, it is a safe signal, and it is also a kind of expectation." He said.

  Wang Yongzhen said, the next step will continue to improve this "warm winter", combine the details, so that more people will resonate, truly feel "warm winter".