Winter Sonash: The night is long, Huang Zhong Song Dance, Qingfeng Year

Waiting for the winter solstice: Legend of 蚓 is a creature of the yang song, although the yang is growing, but the yin is still very strong, the earth in the soil is still curled with the body; two 麋 角 解: 麋 鹿 解The co -grade, but the ancients believe that the corner of the eloquet is old, so it is yin, and the winter solstice is a river. Spring water can flow and warm. The winter solstice trainee attaches great importance to the winter solstice, and the winter solstice is treated as a larger festival, there have been "winter solstice as the year" statement, and celebrate the custom of winter solstice. "Han Shu" said: "The winter solstice is in the yang, the Jun Dao is long, and since he believes: after the winter solstice, the day is longer than one day, the yang is rebounding, it is a throttle, it is also a Ji Ni, should celebrate. "Jin Shu" has been recorded in "Wei Jin Dongshi" is known as the people and hundreds of people … It is the importance of the ancient times to the winter solstice day.

  1. Sacrifice Winter Sonashing is also known as the Winter Festival, and paying winter.

It is one of the twenty-four soils. It is a traditional festival in China. It has said that "winter solstice is as big as the year", the court and the folks have always attached great importance to the ritual activities from the Zhou Dynasty. 2, nine nine categories after nine, some literati, Scholars, engage in so-called cold activities, choose "Nine" days, meet nine people drink alcohol ("wine" and "nine" homophone), with nine dishes Nine bowls, the table is the "flower nine pieces" seat to take the ninety-nine cold. 3, eating dumplings annual lunar calendar, winter solstice, no matter the rich, dumpling is an indispensable holiday.

Yun: "October 1, winter solstment, every household eat dumplings.

"This kind of custom is left because of commemorating the" medical "Zhang Zhongjing winter solstice. Winter solstice to eat dumplings, do not forget" medical "Zhang Zhongjing" 祛 娇 娇 耳 ", 4, eat dog meat lamb winter solstice to eat dog meat The custom is said to start from the Han Dynasty.

According to legend, Han Gaozu Liu Bang eats Fan Biug’s meat in the winter solstice, I feel that the taste is particularly delicious, praise.

Since then, the custom of winter solstice to eat dog meat is formed. Now people have a good sign in a good mega, lamb, and various nourishing foods in the winter solstice. 5, red bean rice in Jiangnan Water Township, there is a winter solstice night, gathering a custom of eating a barety glutinous rice.

According to legend, there is a non-talented person, and the evil multidissear is died. After death, it turns into an epidemic in the winter, and the people will continue to be dismantled.

However, this epidemic is most afraid of red beans, so people will boil the cashme rice in the winter to drive against affected ghosts, disaster prevention. The winter solstice is quickly absorbed in winter, and the "essence" can be stored in the body by supplementing, it is not easy to get sick in the spring.

Therefore, the winter tonic is critical, and the winter solstice cold health should follow the closed principles. 1. To do a good spirit, nutrients are to raise your heart. To maintain your health first, we will raise good, generous heart, and your heart is wide. Winter health, quietly, keep the spirit and smooth optimism, not for trivial things, do not force the fame and fortune, suffer from the loss; avoid long-term "overload operation" to prevent excessive fatigue, and strengthen the disease.

  2, the home is numerous to pay very much attention to the winter health. In the traditional culture, I think that spring and summer is Yang, autumn and winter is Yin. When winter, I must arrange my living life. Otherwise, the body will have a series of discomfort when the spring is coming. Symptoms, winter weather, cold, must do a variety of warmth work, it is best to make a foot every night, can ensure the smooth flow of blood circulation, but also guarantee mitigation fatigue, promote sleep, but need attention is winter bubble The water temperature should not be too high, to be warm and not hot.

  3, sports nurse is a very good way of exercise, but during the winter, the morning practice is preferably waited until the sun came out, otherwise it may damage the yang of the human body.

If you want to go out after the winter solstice, you must wear clothes, don’t be cold, causing colds. Winter exercise should not be too violent, it is best to do some movement, such as Tai Chi, yoga, etc. 4, diet, the diet Food for winter consumption with lamb, white radish, sweet potato, chestnuts, 枸杞, etc.