When "Art Sky" meets "Green Hill" Yangpu, Jiang Chengcheng, enjoy the artistic meal.

Good-neighborly cultural sectors have won the Shanghai Public Culture Construction Innovation Project.

The good-neighborly cultural festival has only a traditional part of the "Art Sky" special event, which not only breaks the space of the traditional theater, the content and form of performances, but also in the concept of uncharged, highlighting the characteristics.Creating a program for different ethnic groups and different levels, providing people with a wealth of options.In recent years, Yangpu District has always insisted on serving the people, actively organizing and planning all kinds of online performances.

In the future, Yangpu District will practice the important concept of "people’s cities", build the most temperature, Yangpu, river life show, so that more citizens enjoy elegance art at home.(Editor: Dong Zhiwen, Han Qing).