The Total Taiwan Strait is commented on the desk.

I am in the United States, spokesperson issued a conversation of Bulin’s Taiwan, the statement of the United Nations, "Support Taiwan to participate in the United Nations system" statement. In order to fly to Taiwan issues, it is difficult to China. This American politician is completely regardless of the identity, and the concept of stealing, confuses the audio.

Brinken is not a political issue in the statement that it is not a political issue. Consultation, involving national sovereignty and territorial issues, how can it be political issues? If the true non-political issue, why is the United States to emphasize a Chinese policy in multiple government statements? It is even more ridiculous that Brinken also wants to be consistent with the so-called values, advocating Taiwan to participate in the World Health Organization, ICAO and other institutions. These organizations are United Nations specialized agencies, and their members must be sovereign states. Taiwan is a province in China and is fundamentally universal. Bulin’s statement steals the concept, but it is a big play of political spells. Bulin is still in the time of expressing it.

On October 25th, the United Nations resolution 2758 adopted the 50th anniversary, decided to restore the legitimate seat of the United Nations People’s Republic of China.

Bulin is a challenge to the United Nations authority at this time, which is the basic principles of international relations, including a Chinese principle. But Burlin is obviously wrong, today’s United Nations is not a few big countries to say, and international rules cannot be decided by individual countries. A Chinese principle is the general consensus of the international community, which is a fundamental guideline, including the world’s recognized international relations, which is not allowed to challenge and misinter. There is only one in the world, and international organization activities participating in the United Nations in Taiwan must be handled in accordance with a Chinese principle. There is no space and room for any discussion on this issue.

As I am in the US Embassy spokesperson, I urge the US to recognize the reality, abide by the commitment, stop the publication of irresponsible mistakes, and maintain the Actual Action to maintain the Sino-US relations overall situation and Taihai peace stability. The Chinese people have already taken the bottom line there. Anyone else for the strict warning of the Chinese side, no need to take risks, fire in the fire, will only be fired, self-extinity! .