They became Delivery boy, feeding, clerks ……

  Yang Hee transport police sealed off the area in the living materials November 2, Jinniu peak waterfront district and the surrounding area Sceneway implement closed management, living in this party of 25 people made a common decision Auxiliary – Qingzhan ! Taurus Public Security Party group which set up four temporary.

What can they do? What have they done? The next 14 days, the answer emerges.

  November 16, Sceneway peak waterfront district reopened. Poly, they are a mass of fire, warm heart inhabitants; when scattered, they make baby’s breath, and immediately went to their jobs. Nonagenarians eat into the problem of his initiative to undertake the task meal "Grandpa, Grandma, your meal delivered, please open the door to take it.

"During the closed management, the camp entrance Wenxin police station two 90-year-old became the" exclusive "Delivery boy. Wenxin Park District is the third month temporary Party group deputy head of the district elderly people living alone and more mobility.

During nucleic acid detection, Wenxin and after consulting a doctor, decides nucleic acid capture site. When they knocked on the door 2 Unit 3 of 3 found there lived two 90-year-old, children are in the field.

Done nucleic acid detection, two old hesitantly.

Careful Wenxin asked:? "What do I have difficulty the police, I said.

"" It’s so embarrassed, we do not want the trouble. "The old man replied. Originally, the district closed management, part-time cook can not enter the cell, the two old men eating has become a big problem. Wenxin provisional party group in the group immediately, reflect the situation to the camp in front of the police station branch, director Zhang Ji timely convergence street Party Working Committee and community party.

Soon to come up with a solution: Community prepare lunch, Wenxin the initiative to assume the task of delivering meals to the elderly daily.

In addition to meal delivery, every time he would also like to double-check the elderly in the electricity and gas, ensure safety. In fact, far more than the work of Wenxin "Delivery boy", he and volunteers together, send and receive express, and bottled water to send material to maintain order in the nucleic acid detection …… "My daily work is handling the case, did not expect the community work also detailed than investigators .

"Wenxin said with emotion." Wen police officer very responsible, we all have confidence in him, felt the police, very insecure. "May the five-star Park District residents Qin said.

  Little hamster "alone" at home for his door neighbor "take care" of the closed management, the second provisional party group of Yang Hee initiative of the owners group "exposure" of their identity, "I am the police, we have a need I can help." soon, someone added his micro letter. "Comrade police, our family hamster no one to take care of, to the point for me to eat a hamster feed it?" Message is sent to a neighbor Chen.

  Originally, the district closed management, out of Chen and his family temporarily unable to return home hamster Chen became the sole care.

  Without reservation, Chen electronic lock password immediately told Yang Hee, this is the people’s trust in him.

In this way, he became a hamster "feeding member." Because experience has never been feeding, when the first door, Chen taught him how to live via video feed. Down several times, Yang Hee feel very cute hamsters.

"After a time, I would also like to raise a." He said.

  In the guest became hamster "feed member" at the same time, Yang Hee has received the help of the masses, because the closed management, middle school students Juan (a pseudonym) was unable to participate in school midterm exam, she and her father were very worried. Yang Hee will report to camp in front of the police station, deputy director of the Tangyuan Jun.

  Tangyuan Jun immediately contact the school where Juan, November 9 morning, school will be sent to the camp entrance exam to the police station. Immediately, the papers to the Tangyuan Jun Yang Hee. In the end, Yang Hee papers will be sent to the hands of Juan. Things for the masses of the people got the idea to win the heart of a people and an urgent matter to be four groups of institutions to solve temporary, Tang Fuming with residents saying, "There they are, we are assured!" 8 pm, a neighbor to the first through the WeChat a provisional party group leader, Tang Dayong police for help: his granddaughter was studying at a university in Shanghai, soon to turn a probationary member. Due to his family home quarantine, unable to handle the needed information out, I hope he help handle. After receiving help, Tang Dayong immediately report to camp in front of the police station Party branch, branch camp in front of the police station where they are residing docking neighbor chadianzi police station. Understand the situation, the first time police work to verify the identity information, and to Hemou granddaughter issued the relevant certificates, also coordinated community run to the neighbors granddaughter evidence required to join the party, "I did not expect so soon, one day processed, police officers Tang things for our people too got the idea.

"I said the neighbor moved to.

  "Thank you for your help ……" November 3 at 9 am, the peak of waterfront residential property owners Sceneway Wang through micro letter, thanked Tang Dayong.

  In the afternoon, Ms. Wang turned to Tang Dayong micro letter by residential property owners group, "their own children in first grade in elementary school are Pi Area, you need to take the child home." After receiving help, Tang Dayong immediately branch to camp in front of the police station They were reported. The first time to explain the situation to the police station and the community Subdistrict responsible person, work quickly in accordance with the relevant quarantine requirements. At 8 pm, in coordination Subdistrict and community police station director Zhang Ji will escort the child to the cell door, the child will be handed over to district staff sent home.

"Thank policeman! I go home.

"The little girl’s voice was full of childlike joy. Today, cell-related peak waterfront Sceneway sealed off the area, control area managed to lift circle, 25 party members and the people here to stay Auxiliary story, the residents will become an unforgettable memory .

(Chengdu Daily reporter Li Dong He Liangshe shadow) (Editor: Li strong, Zhang Wei-Yi Hua) share to allow more people to see.