Taian Ningyang held a national party branch construction seminar to create a national party branch guide

Subsequently, the Central Party School professor, the doctoral tutor Hong Xianghua made the "exploration of the development law of the party branch in the meeting", strengthen the development of the Party branch, and strengthened the construction of the Party branch of the new era, the development rules and realistic revelation of the party branch. Wonderful explanation.

The topic of the National Party Branch Work Innovation Case Collection Startup This case collection is the "National Party Branch’s Work Innovation and Practice", the collection time is January 29, 2022 to January 31, 2022, concentrated on rural, community, state Enterprise and collective enterprises, universities, non-public organizational, social organizations, institutions, party and state organs, mobile party members, universities such as party branch, etc., typical experience, etc. It is designed to assemble the country’s grassroots party organizations to showcase, publicity experience, and promote the study of grassroots party organizations to learn from each other and exchange advanced experience. The case where the selection of this collection should meet four standards. First, focus authenticity. The case should come from the compliance, summary and refining of the construction practical achievements of the party branch in recent years, prohibiting fictional and Du, paying attention to small and trivial, avoiding large and empty. Second, focus effectiveness. The case must obtain a certain results of effective results and have a significant driving role in the party members’ considerations.

The third is to focus innovation.

The case should be innovative in terms of the content, form, method, and mechanism of the party branch, have a characteristic, in ordering the difficulties of cracking the party building, and promoting new initiatives in party building work. The fourth is to focus exemplary. The case should have certain operability and demonstration guidance, there is a certain reference and value of application. After the collection, the industry experts will hire the industry to form an jury, select the excellent case, set up a two or two prizes, give a certain reward, and continue the case of the case: First, establish a case library, will innovate as cadres training and party members Textbooks; Second, further research on the case, research results are reported to report relevant departments and leadership reference; third is to edit the "Choice of Work Innovation Cases of the National Party Branch" and assembled published.

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