Wuhai City implemented joint rewards and punishment for integrity "Red Black List" enterprises and individuals

  A few days ago, Wuhai City released the "Red Black List" in the 2021 Wuhai City Credit System, including 599 "Red List", 230 "Blacklist". These "Red Black List" will then be unified through "Credit China (the Inner Mongolia Wuhai) website, and through the Wuhai City Credit Information Sharing Platform, the departments of the city, all departments, evaluation, administrative supervision , Administrative approval, financial funding arrangements, public resource transactions, etc. Implement joint rewards and punishments. The "Red List" released in this release covers the Wuhai Taxation Bureau 2020 A-class taxpayers, tourism industry integrity enterprises, five-star express delivery enterprises, harmonious labor relations enterprises. "Blacklist" includes Wuhai Intermediate People’s Court to lose a letter, the law of the law, the "blacklist" blacklist, and the serious illegal and wrong letter. Since 2015, Wuhai City has held 6 "Red Black List" press conferences, issued 960 "red list", "blacklist" 2407. Through the release of the "Red Black List", further praise, discipline, and create a social public opinion environment of "honoring glorious, lost trust". In recent years, Wuhai City has continuously constructed a new type of regulatory mechanism for the full life cycle based on credit-based, things, and afterwards.

In the field of prior supervision, education, tourism, transportation, social insurance, and property services, etc., 466 credit commitments, and implementation of the credit commitment system implementation priority approval, and incorporate the commitment to credit records, as a matter An important basis for post-monitoring. In the case of the supervision process, it is established a credit grading classification supervision system in the field of the Wuhai City Credit Information Sharing Platform, the market main body, social organization, safety risks, real estate development, and corporate environments, etc., and collaborates all kinds of grading. Classified more than 300,000 regulation information.

In the post-event supervision process, the city fully utilizes Wuhai Credit Information Sharing Platform Joint awards and punishment, promoting various districts, and various departments in response to and implement rewards and punishment measures within the scope of authority.

  In terms of trustworthiness, the Wuhai City Tax Department jointly promoted the "Silver Tax Interaction" and realized the tax credit and financial credit mutual recognition, and created "tax" to help "loans", "letter" The financing model of "letter", as of now, has successfully licensed 2101 pens, accumulating integrity tax loan billion, effectively alleviating the difficult problem of small and micro enterprises.

The Postal Savings Bank Wuhai Branch promotes the construction of the double base link "Letter, Credit Village, Credit Township", and has been assessing 16 "credit villages", 979 "letter users", accumulating 378 "letter users" to issue low interest rates However, there is no guaranteed credit loan 56.67 million yuan. In terms of faith discipline, each department can query the application integrated credit information through the account in Wuhai City Credit Information Sharing Platform, and the credit information collected by the Wuhai City Credit Information Sharing Platform will be pushed to the government agency platform and bidding platform. Enterprises listed in "Blacklist" or restrict the bidding to register.

Up to now, 328 credit integrated accounts are opened for the urban departments, and each district, and various departments have passed the account to query the application credit information 18016 times.

In addition, the credit information verification is also necessary to conduct credit information verification, "blacklist" enterprises to restrict funds.

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