Tianjin Aid: Careful to improve "and Tian Night Market" brand effect based in the industry to help promote employment

All along, Tianjin Aid Xinjiang conscientiously implemented the Party Central Committee and Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government on Strengthening the Digital Support Xinjiang Series Work Deployment, with industrial aid, the main attack, and the development and expansion of the development of the field, and the commander of the Directive .

Adhere to the current and long-term combination, to excavate the national food and culture as the eye, to promote employment to promote national unity, and actively revolve the high-quality development of the service industry, build the "and Tian Night" brand effect, and promote replication in Tianjin and two places. Promoting, gradually realizing "Hetian Night Market" to walk out of the field, walk into the mainland, and go to the country. "Hetian Night Market" project industry model has been fully recognized by the cadres of the two parties. He has gone out of the Tianjin New Road of Interaction, Mutual and Interoperability.

Up to now, seven and Tian Night Markets in the construction of 10,000 people, solving 1,500 people, driving 6,000 people to deplet out. Building a brand effect and reproduction promotion, to achieve industrial support, and promote employment, Huimin students, help unite and stabilize, mainly based on the following five aspects: First, drive the role. Create the night market economy in the field area, build a beautiful scenery, making it a lifetime of the local people and foreign tourists to understand the cultural windows of the field, feel the land, and drive the local life service industry high-quality development, show Advocacy and promote the big unity of all nationalities in Nanjiang.

The second is the foundation of development.

There is a wide variety of special cuisine and traditional culture, which has laid a good foundation for the transformation of cultural resource advantages to industrial advantage. The third is to increase the effectiveness. Night Market can effectively absorb a large number of urban and rural surplus labor, especially driving the employment of poverty, the difficult people participate in high enthusiasm, the benefit of the benefit, and become an important platform for the leading and income of the masses. The fourth is the potential in the future. And Tian Night Market is very attractive for business customers, tourist tourists, etc., the daily traffic is more than 200,000 yuan, and the sales have 200,000 yuan.

Looking forward to the future, the market development prospects in the field market is broad.

The fifth is the pattern can be copied.

And the construction of the field market, the operation mode is constantly summarized and upgraded.

Tianjin aid in the county and townships "and Tian Night" system, the "Early City, Market, Night Market" model innovation, revolves around "food, travel, purchase, entertainment, literary, body" and other night economic elements, The construction specifications and operation management models of systematic, standardized, provide good foundations and conditions for subsequent replication promotion in Tianjin and other regions. I. Adhere to the characteristics of cultural characteristics, "food purchase entertainment" integrated promotion and Tian Night Market adhering to the cultural characteristics, environmental health clean, management is reasonable, helping the management concept of campaign, giving a drink, sightseeing, and leisure entertainment. Continuously create a characteristic cultural atmosphere, with special food as an entry point, vigorously conduct special promotion, measures, rang "and Tian Night" special brand.

First, strive to create a characteristic cultural atmosphere. The overall arrangement of the field city is based on the basic elements of the field and natural scenery, and the organic combination of Chinese elements and national characteristics is highlighted.

The second is to fully lay a special gourmet stall.

There are mainly baked whole sheep, red willile lamb serve, roast lamb chops, sheep bun meat, etc., and introduce foods such as net red drink, fruit salad, milk tea, further enrich the catering needs of the masses and tourists. . Taking the Night Market (Yu Tian) as an example, the night city passenger traffic is stable in more than 5,000 people / day, the average business of merchants reached more than 900 yuan, up to 8,000 people / day, and the daily sales of up to 4,500 yuan. The third is precisely conducting special promotion activities.

Multi-channel precision propaganda, hire professional performance team to participate in the night market cultural performance activities, enhance the interaction with consumers, build the night market performance stage into the big stage of the residential life; through the entry point, takeaway express delivery, etc., increase the promotion point, constantly Improve the popularity of the Night Market; use WeChat, shake, short video, etc.

Second, quickly form a scale system, excavate new form new connotation Tianjin Aid Xinjiang continuous summary experience, new connotation, continuous mining and farming, continuous mining, and new connotation of Tian Night Market, have formed a sound The Three – level Operations and Development System of the City County Town of Tamadon City.

At present, there is a construction and field market in Tianxian Heshi County, and will introduce the "Hetian Night Market" business card to the township town of Tian Tian and Zele County. 5 townships and towns in Guraha Harma, and the countryside, Smitle Township, and Zigui, and Zigui County, and the resulted in poverty alleviation. "Hetian Night Market" has created a complete, systematic construction standard and operational model. It is of great significance for promoting local poor, and improving the production and living conditions of mass production, expanding the "and Tian Night Market". Third, vigorously improve the brand effect, copy the promotion and development model of Tianjin Aid Xinjiang continuous improvement "and Tian Night" brand effect, reproduce the development of its development model, promote its entry into Tianjin (Ninghe District and Xiqing District), show the special catering in the field And culture, effectively help to get rid of poverty in the field, consolidate the national unity, promote the output of Tian Fu’s labor force, meet the needs of the people of the two places. The project has become the detonation point of Tianjin local economic economy, and has become a new model of promoting the exchange of exchanges between Jin and two places.

On May 31, 2019, "Hetian Night Market" was tried in a street of Night Street, Ninghe District, Ninghe District, Ninghe District, China.

The Court of Support Office, a street setting in Bridge North Night Market, is operated by Xinjiang "and Tian Night Market". During the trial operation period, hundreds of thousands of people came here to taste food, appreciate the song and dance, and gave a high degree of evaluation. In April 2020, Tianjin Aid Jiang Planned promoted the promotion of "and Tian Night Market" in Yao Village, Li Qihuang Street, Jingwu Town, Xiqing District, Tianjin.

The Xiqing District Government launched a plan on the construction site selection of night markets, architectural design planning, business function layout, employment job setting, operation planning and policy system mechanism. With "Hetian Night Market", the brand is relying on, excavating the regional characteristics, builds an extension platform, and focus on "and Tian Night Market" in Tianjin, the standardization and standardization of landing in Xiqing District.

Tianjin Aid Xinjiang continues to expand the brand reputation and market influence of "and Tian Night Market", which drives the surplus labor in the field to the ground and output employment, promoting sales of agricultural and sideline products in Hetian area, accelerates the coordinated development of Hetian region, and helps the poverty attack, people’s livelihood Improved and rural revitalization, truly let "Hetian Night Market" becomes a good project of the benefit and the people, promote the integration of the exchange between China and two places.

(Editor: Li Long, Han Ting).