Six-Lili Tunned Party history and the real thing combined with the complaint to solve the flow of sewage in the old community

Original title: Recline to solve the old community sewage outflow this newspaper (Reporter Li Zewei) A residential building in the Taoist Taoist Community in Chaoyang District caused the flow of sewage, the street complaint, Residents’ home pipelines for overall transformation, completely solve problems.

Beijing Youth Daily, I learned that Liulitun Street has bonded the party history and practical things, and launched the practice of "I do practical things for the masses", and promotes solving the masses most concerned, most direct, and most realistic. The Lu’an Street Taojiayuan Community Handan 3st Building, built in the 1980s, belonging to the old building, the basic support facility is poor, the facilities of the upper and lower water pipelines are serious, resulting in the life sewage in the building often emerges. A layer of residents have been forced to "cave the hole" outside the exterior, and the sewage is placed to the green belt and affects the neighborhood environment. Peripheral residents reflect the sewage overflow through the 12345 citizen service hotline, and hope that the relevant departments will change the dredging pipeline and pollutically green. In order to clarify the responsibility, solve the problem as soon as possible, after receiving the residential appeal, Zhao Guiqi, Party Committee Secretary, Taoist Party Committee, immediately "whistle" street city Jianke, according to the street complaint, the work requirements, that is, the resident must be on the door, and the problem must be on site. The community staff has repeatedly visited the residents’ universal visits, and the on-site office.

  At the same time, by means of the management platform advantage, play the property management mechanism of the party, organize the coordination of the community property company, the house intermediary and resident representative, and hold the construction and renovation coordination, jointly formulate construction plan, first-to-two units, The four-unit residential pipeline is repaired, followed by the overall transformation of other residential piping, completely solving the pipeline drainage problem of 54 households in units of 1-4 units. According to the person in charge of the construction, the original pipeline in the resident house will be dismantled because of the engineering needs, and the occupation furniture is moving. After the construction is completed, it will clean up the clean scene and restore "original".

Under the joint efforts of the streets, communities and properties, under the understanding of the residents, the construction personnel completed a comprehensive and meticulous maintenance of the sewer pipeline. At present, the second unit of the second unit, the four-unit floor of the four-unit resident house is replaced.

On the day of completion, the community received the praise of residents, thanks to the community, and the property solved the problem.

  Li Rong, deputy director of the Silitun Sub-district Office, said, "Prerequisite to do a good job in people’s livelihood project is good at listening to the appeal, effectively diverting the public opinion. Every step of the project, we all listen to the people, the most short time is completed, using the most strict standards to let the residents Satisfaction. "In addition, when the pipeline transformation is close to the end, the green belt cleaning is also entered into the" Expressway ".

Construction personnel landing, planting, watering, "dirty chaos" before the change, greening with a greenery, rejuvenating new. (Editor: Mensus, Bao Congying).