Wang Hao: Doing a big strong entity economy accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system

  Original title: Wang Hao to Shaoxing Inspection and Guidelines Enterprise Production, Market Upgrade and Industrial Development Work to do the strong physical economy accelerate the construction of modern industrial system on the 11th, Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee deputy secretary, and Wang Hao to Shaoxing inspect and guide enterprises. Market upgrade and industrial development work. He pointed out that in-depth implementation of General Secretary of China, General Secretary of China, complete and accurate and comprehensively implement the new development concept, according to the provincial party committee decision-making, tightly twisted the physical economy and not relax, and be a strong traditional industry, and be a big strategic emerging industry. Be the excellent productive service industry, accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system, and lay a solid foundation for the construction of a socialist modernization, high quality development construction. Shaoxing Textile Industry accounts for one-third of the total number of textile industries in the province, and is the pillar industry of the local economy. How to make traditional industries get new development vitality, Wang Hao is very concerned about it.

He came to China Textile City Exhibition Center and the international fabric market, and listened carefully to the development of textile industry, and visited the production and operation of merchants in the field. Wang Hao pointed out that the textile industry is a "gold medal" in Shaoxing. It is currently facing a lot of difficulties and challenges, and also has an opportunity for transformation. To find accurate path, concentrate strength, integration policy, and strengthen scientific and technological innovation, management innovation, model innovation, market innovation, promote traditional markets to intellectualization, fashion, and internationalized modern market transformation, so that traditional industries have increased the problem, is more competitive.

  The physical economy is an important support for stable growth.

At the beautiful new material company, Wang Hao examines the high-value re-use technology of waste textiles; Wang Hao examines the emergency epidemic prevention materials, the intelligence area and the intelligent logistics center, and the two companies have worked hard for many years, stick to the industry. It is fully affirmed by the main business. He said, starting the "Zhejiang Manufacturing" brand, inseparable from first-class enterprises, first-class products, first-class service.

I hope that enterprises will sink, and they will make innovative drivers and transformation and upgrading two articles. I adhere to the road of "special" new "development road, and promote the new round of" Teng Chan to change the bird, Phoenix Nirvana ", speed up information technology Fusion with the manufacturing industry, continuously enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, strive to become a "invisible champion", "single-play champion", and leading enterprises. Wang Hao came to Shaoxing Sub-core Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Company to understand the independent innovation and industrial development trend of integrated circuit enterprises. He said that at present, we must develop traditional advantage industries, and we must also have a batch of frontiers and potential industries that have leading role. The integrated circuit industry is an important strategic emerging industry. It is necessary to grasp historical opportunities, strengthen the core technology independent innovation, strengthen the industry chain upstream integration, and promote the acceleration of the integrated circuit industry, better for economic and social development. Governments at all levels must fully build a first-class industrial ecological and business environment, continuously improve the quality of service, take the initiative to understand the needs of enterprises, and try to solve the difficulties of enterprises, and promote high quality development in high quality development. Editor in charge: Liu Zhiyuan.