Wang Yuxiang representative: Chongqing Electromechanical Group focuses on the "4 + 1" core industry

Electromechanical Group Intelligent Factory Demonstration Experience.

Chongqing Electromechanical Group is mapped to the Chongqing Electromechanical Group how to plan the "14th Five-Year" development blueprint? Wang Yuxiang introduced that in 2020, the Group’s capital investment company reform used research and development group "14th Five-Year Plan" as the top priority, and used the draft "14th Five-Year Plan" for one year, focusing on high-end equipment, electronic information The "4 + 1" industry layout of equipment parts, transportation equipment and industrial finance is the core of the four critical time nodes in accordance with 2022, 2025, 2030, 20135, and formulate corresponding goals and work measures: the first stage is comprehensive implementation Beneficial circulation development phase (2021-2022) And the "4 + 1" core industry layout, the Group fully realizes a benign circulation development. The second stage is to achieve high quality development phase (2023-2025), by 2025, the Group’s investment enterprises achieved operating income of 70 billion yuan, with a total profit of 3.5 billion yuan.

With 5 years, through the horizontal joints of the external related industry, the vertical integration of the internal advantageous enterprises, forming a state-owned capital investment group that is "100 billion +" "100 billion +" "1 billion +", becoming my country’s equipment. The manufacturing industry has an influential group to achieve high quality development. The third stage is to move to a hundred billion-speed phases (2026-12035), by 2030, the Group’s investment enterprises achieved a business income of 85 billion yuan, with a total profit of 4 billion yuan. Enterprise asset securitization, equity is diversified, and the mixed ownership reform is significant.