Taiwan Media: Taiwan Kaohsiung, a high-rise fire, 46 people die

On October 14, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily report" reported on October 14, Taiwan Kaohsiung Yanyi District City Middle Town Terminal opened a bad fire, Li Qingxiu, the Fire Director Li Qingxiu, 15 o’clock, there have been 87 people to send medicine, of which 46 people died, 41 people were injured. Li Qingxiu said that in order to confirm the internal situation of the building, the firefighters are searching in the top floor and do the final confirmation; the main combustion floor is one to six floors, and the seventh floor casualty is more than the smoke. Lin Qinrong, deputy mayor of Kaohsiung, said that in order to avoid the wreckage of the building, the fire service personnel searched a fall behind, and the night shell was blocked; because of the household private items in the house, the private items will be taken from the police to avoid the people. According to Taiwan’s central government reported on October 14, the Chengzhong City Building has 40 years of history. It is 13 floors on the land, 2nd floor commercial and residential mixing buildings, 1st floor and 2nd floor of the ground, 1st floor to the 5th floor, There are approximately 120 households on the 7th floor to the 11th floor. According to the report, the Kaohsiung City Fire Bureau dispatched 75 cars and 159 people to rescue. At 4:51, the fire was controlled, and 7:17 was extinguished.

The report pointed out that the fire is extremely violent, and many floors are seriously burned, the old buildings are old, and the indoor debris is stacked, and the disaster relief action is difficult. Kaohsiung City Fire Department called for the home in the home, avoiding excessive debris, avoiding fire during fire, and keeps the stairwell, pay attention to the safety of electricity, and installing a residential fire alarm, in order to discover the fire Reduce personnel casualties and disaster loss.