Zhuzhou power supply "Mechanic Xiao Huang" rapid help enterprises

In the past few days, Zhuzhou City Enterprises successfully complement production, in order to protect and understand the demand for electrical demand for complex industrial resurgence, in advance, the "clinic" in advance, helping companies eliminate safe electricity hidden dangers. On the 27th, the company received a fault information SMS, and immediately organized power distributors to go to the scene to investigate. It was found that due to the impact of the big wind last night, the felling of the banyan pressure in 10kv US East Line 332 The abnormality caused by the device belongs to the user equipment failure. "Sanda Bridge" complex, in order to protect the brick factory on schedule, the power supply company specially opened the green channel, reporting a temporary plan, considering that the road stenosis arm is unable to reach, and finally determine the use of electricity homework "Method work, as narrowing as much as possible, due to construction, causing a stop. At 9 o’clock on the same day, the work site was started. After doing a good job, after a full preliminary work, two "Mechanic Xiaoyang" uses a series of special tools such as insulated operating rod, hard sleeve, insulated shoot gun, and cooperates with Yi Jia and Su Hui. Under, the branch lead is successfully removed. After nearly 6 hours of nervous repair, the fault circuit breaker and isolation switch are successfully replaced, and at 12:55, it is a smooth power-on power-on.

In order to further do the order of service enterprises during the prevention and control, the national network Zhuzhou power supply company actively carried out the power network maintenance, and fully guaranteed the safe and reliable power of the complex indigenous enterprises. (Liu Jie) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Luo Shuai).