Transpation! About this round of epidemic, Sichuan disease control issues important tips

  As of 18:00, 2021, there were 4 high-risk levels of new coronal epidemic in the country. The spread of the epidemic diffusion is getting wider and faster, and from these areas (return) Sichuan people have a great infection risk.

  In order to strictly implement the prevention and control strategy of "external prevention input, internal defense rebound", according to the national risk zone level adjustment and the relevant provisions of the province’s epidemic prevention and control, Sichuan Provincial CDC reminds you to make healthy investigation and health management. 01 Actively pay attention to the official epidemic prevention and control information. In the past 14 days, there have been a city that has a local epidemic or a local epidemic situation, and people with infected with the same transportation or activity trajectory shall take the initiative to take the initiative to the location community (village), work unit. Remarks, consciously cooperate with health management measures.

  Pay close attention to its own health code, if there is a "red, yellow code" situation, to take the initiative to report to the community (village).

  Since July 17, there has been Jiangsu Yangzhou City, and since July 27, there has been a history of Hubei Jingzhou City, high-risk areas. 14 days focused on medical observation (starting time since the high risk zone).

1 nucleic acid detection was performed in 1, 4, 7, and 14, and all negatively lifting control measures were performed at 1, 4, 7, and 14, and all negative relief measures were performed. If it is more than 14 days when it is included in the centralized isolation, the control measures can be relieved after two consecutive nucleic acids. 03 There is the following time and the history of the regional travel history (return) Sichuan people, under the premise of personal protection, timely report to the local community (village), and cooperate with the management personnel. The nucleic acid detection results have been strictly observed within 24 hours. Since the 16th (inclusive), the city in Fujian Province (high) risk zone (city is the prefecture-level city, the rural areas, the same as the same); Since the 17th (including), Jiangsu Province, Henan Province (high) The city where the risk zone is located; since the 24th (inclusive), the city in Hunan Province (high) risk zone is located in the city of Hubei Province, the city in Hubei Province (high) risk zone. 04 Recently, due to flood disasters in Zhengzhou, some people in our province rushed to Zhengzhou to participate in the anti-flood relief, but Zhengzhou’s epidemic continued to heat up, and these personnel have the risk of infected new crown viruses. Near 14 days (since July 20) has arrived in Zhengzhou, including the personnel who participated in Zhengzhou flood control, for your health, should take the initiative to report to the location community (village), work unit, home hotel Consciously cooperate with health management measures to reduce out.

  05 Recent travel, there is a high risk in the business trip, in order to protect you and your family, it is recommended to temporarily travel across provinces and municipalities. As already travel, it is recommended to perform new crown virus nucleic acid detection as soon as possible to the nucleic acid detection mechanism as soon as possible.

  06 pays attention to itself and family health, such as fever, cough, etc. tool.

  We will regularly release the latest high-risk level distribution and the latest prevention and control information, please pay close attention to our health tips.

Please take appropriate measures in time if there is a relevant situation. Long press to identify the QR code below, see if he is a secret schedule: the national epidemic risk area summary table.