Yan Xiaofeng: The fundamental standard of strong military in the new era is to win the information war.

  Xinhuanet Beijing October 21st (Ma Yipi) The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China opened in the 18th National Congress on the 18th. Xi Jinping reported to the General Assembly on behalf of the 18th Central Committee.

Xinhuanet Special Interview "Experts Take You Read Report" Invite the National Professor Professor Yan Xiaofeng Interpretation. Yan Xiaofeng proposed that the standard for the construction of a strong army in the new era is to win the information war. The picture shows the special interview with Xinhuanet "Expert takes you reading the report" invites Yan Xiaofeng to interpret the report interview site.

Xinhua Net Guo Xiaotian photo is the main content of the interview: Moderator: The report emphasized that we must adhere to the road of strong military in China.

How should I understand "China’s Trunteer Road"? What is the core content? What is the most prominent feature? Yan Xiaofeng: We now tell the party’s strong military objectives in the new era. First, we must build a people’s army who listens to party directions, winning, and excellent style. Listening to the party command is our strong military soul, and excellent style is our strong military basis. This is our connotation of the world’s first-class army.

What is the connotation of Xi Jinping asking us to build a world-class army? That is to listen to the party command, you can win the battle, and the style is excellent.

  I understand that in the road of strong military in China, I must first clarify the mission of strong military. After the 18th National Congress, Xi Jinping put forward a strong military dream while proposing the Chinese dream. Strong military dreams clearly put forward, our national defense and military construction must provide strength to China to provide strength. This gives the people’s army’s historical mission in the new era. Such a historical mission is the sacred responsibility of our army. How is the army to take this responsibility? How can I fulfill this mission? The corresponding one puts forward strong military objectives, that is to say to build a people’s army who listens to party directions, winning, and excellent style, it is to build such a strong army, and the whole army must work hard according to such a goal. The leader of all work.

  Putting a strong military goal, then answer what our strong military base is what is our strong military standard? Strong is more than weak, then who we are now saying? Why is it called it? The road to strong military has clearly clear the strong military base, which means strong military standards. We know that the standards of the army are combat power, so Xi Jinping puts forward combat power as the only standard. That combat power is specific, history, that is, in different wars, under different historical conditions, the standard of combat power is different.

We now tell the strong army, to build a strong army, what is its standard? It is to win the information war. The evolution of war morphology has been the form of information war. In such a war form, you can’t win the information war is the most fundamental standard of strong army. How do we promote strong military affairs? Since the 18th National Congress, Xi Jinping thought the strong military, the strong army layout, gradually formed a political construction army, reform strong army, and science and technology Xingjun, and ruled a strong army arranged by four pillars. With such a strong military layout, what is our strong military mechanism? It is preparing for fighting.

Because we speak, learn the war from the war.

By preparing for war, military struggle is prepared, practicing such wear stone, so that the army is sharpened. Related Reading.