Warm heart! Zhengzhou Jingkai District Jiulong Middle School received 600 sets of school uniforms

On the playground of Sunshine, a piece of love school uniforms passed in passion, and the children were full of happiness. The student representative said affectionately: "Today, we have passed the school uniforms that condense the love, but they have received a glory, a responsibility, we are proud of living in the new era, we have to study, put love for love Inherited. "Zhang Baolian, the Secretary of the Kowloon Middle School, said that Mr. Lu Yunzhou has brought the warm colonies, and the guidance of spiritual incentives and directions will benefit lifelong. At the donation ceremony, the party committee, deputy director of the Economic Development Zone, the deputy director of the Xiangyun Office, Pan Zhongfeng, awarded the honorary certificate for Lu Yunzhou. The student represents the fresh flowers in Lu Yun with lofty respect.

Lu Yun Zhou is a village of Xiangchalu, graduated from Kowloon Middle School.

Since merchandise, always care about the education of our hometown.

During the epidemic, the school teachers and students, Xiangquu villagers donated alcohol, masks, disinfectant, contributing to the powerful anti-disease attack.

Lu Yunzhou said in his speech: "I am a farmer’s son. He graduated from Kowloon Middle School. I have a deep feelings about the people here. No matter where I go, I have always remembered social responsibility. I hope to pass Your own donation, calling more love, condense the vigor of society.

Kong Fang has highly praised Lu Yunzhou’s major cadres and masses of the typical Xiangyun office, and encourages children to study hard, be a good love person like Lu Yunzhou, contributing to his hometown, national rejuvenation. Li Wei, chairman of the Division of the WI WIT Branch of Zhengzhou Economic Development District, Li Wei, Minister of Education, and Xiangyun Office, the leaders of Xiangquun Village, two members, participated in the donation ceremony. Zheng Ran, an Economic Development Zone, and Edited: Yu Siyuan, Yang Xianina.