Wuhan Yiqing Network Technology Co., Ltd. shares the advantages and profits of mobile game agents are obvious to all

At present, the advantages and profits of mobile game agents are obvious. Many people want to achieve their own dream dreams through the mobile phone agent.

Due to the development of the market environment and industry, the operational key to the earnings of mobile game agents is mainly promoted. Now there are many promotion channels. Many people don’t know how to choose promotion channels according to the situation. Here is a brief introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of various channels.

First, video channel drainage promotion can be said to be currently popular promotion channels. Most of the mobile game agents will basically involve this channel during the promotion process, because short video traffic is large, facing the user group and the target user of our mobile games is also relatively high. By publishing related game videos, you can use the platform mechanism to push to related users, reach the purpose of our game promotion; in general, the goal of short video promotion is still more accurate, the disadvantage is that the competition in the industry is relatively large, need to increase the output content Quality to seize the target user.

Community Forums and groups are also the community promotion operation channels we often see.

This promotional channel is more suitable for games with a certain game difficulty, because this game can make us more communication with players. The user quality of this channel is relatively high. As long as we push the game to their taste and attract them, we can achieve the effect of drainage. The disadvantage of this channel is that we need to spend a lot of effort to maintain players, and the average consumption level of players is not high, suitable for expanding traffic by accumulating players. Mobile game agents commonly used to go to the same type of game and other players private chat, guide them into our own mobile game.

This is the previous basic promotion method, and most of the branch will mode agents use this way of pull. So far, this method is also effective, and the player is basically a precise player.

Disadvantages require our teamwork operation, need certain language skills and experience, many games limit the behavior of the game in the game, need us to choose the game operation.

Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose to be cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.