Wang Li Li: "Internet +" and Youth Art

On December 4, 2020, Joint Xinhua News Agency, China Art Education Research Center, Joint Xinhua News Agency. – Short video and adolescent art literacy research report "," the positive role of "building adolescents" second class "" will be published.

Experts from colleges and universities such as Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, speaking on young art exchanges, humanities and literacy, aesthetic interest, and reviews reports around the report.

How to know short video representatives representatives? At the meeting, Professor Wang Li Li, professor, China Communication University, believes that the Internet has brought the huge innovation of the media, and the media represented by the shake is a much better than the "New Era", providing people with massive information.

In the past, we wanted to see "Mona Lisa’s smile", then we must go to the Louvre, the body is present. Now due to the advancement of technology, through 3D photography, short video, etc., you can see it through the Internet. The network literature with the Internet has three major characteristics of grassroots, interactivity, and virtuality.

Early network drama is more like today’s short video, from the private spontaneous content production, is another response to the orthodox point of mainstream channels. The interactive form such as the barcation and message in the Internet is a great breakthrough in the interactivity of the previous propagation medium. Wang Li Li is an example in the online drama. For ordinary people who want to vote but have academic reserves, they have become the initial source of the Internet drama through personal processing, imitation, play, clip production, etc., which is not subject to a lot of traditional strips. It is also a kind of close sense and identification.

Therefore, depending on the Internet’s artistic literacy, there is a wide range of content, fun, connectivity, imagination, and the like. Short video faces a new way of new youth, an art of adolescents or a way to spread, because there is a massive information, so it has a wide range of features, secondly, education itself is fun, and short video Flexible and novel forms of fun bring to some extent to "entertaining" essence, the connection of the interactivity of short video is good for young people to perceive the in-depth perception of art, while short video is provided These rich information, interesting forms, effective interaction, to promote the imagination of art. At the same time, the Internet massive information, the content of the content, which also brings a test for young artistic literacy of the short video.

Wang Li Li suggested that due to the content of junior high school students and high school students accepted by the Internet, mobile phone use, computer use, the time of controlling the new technology, I hope that the future can be aged, the degree of education and the audience, users Differential discussion of time. (Promotion).