Zhang Liangang: An old Harbor person adheres to 38 years

After hard work, dare to fight first, it is a respectable innovation spirit of Zhang Liangang.

In 2013, Qingdao Port Group proposed to build a fully automated terminal.

At that time, the automated dock was the patent of the West, using their patents, not only to spend the high price, but also be "card neck" in key core technology. In the face of unrequalified experience, no information, there is no foreign aid, Zhang Liangang hugs "to fight for the Chinese", leading the team to start tough exploration.

"You have to do a thing that has never been done, or even things that have not been seen.

"In the face of China’s full-automatic or even half-lived dock field, it is not allowed to get off at foreign port inspections. Innovation.

In the early days, he turned its own automation terminal. He turned his holiday into a working day, and the light of the office often appeared in the second half. In more than 1300 days and night, the team "5 + 2" "5 + 2" "white plus black" despends, makes knowledge, checks the information, opened more than 3,000 special analysis, and wrote the analysis report of hundreds of thousands of words.

After the dock started, staying all day and night in the construction site, holding a project promotion meeting every day, together with the construction of more than a dozen majors such as civil construction, power supply, business, equipment and IT systems.

"I am studying this major, we have this responsibility to make your own contribution from the improvement of technical equipment.

"Zhang Liangang said firmly. The process of attacking is facing many major problems, of which the key technology of the automated terminal – automatic guide train control system, has been reached by months of attacking.

The promotion will last, Zhang Liangang breaks the silence: "We have no retreat, can’t get shrink, resolutely take!" So, the team re-compiled R & D situation, analyzed nearly 10,000 working logs, proposed thousands of optimization suggestions, summarizing more than a dozen The algorithm model finally broke through this difficult relationship.

Especially independent research and development automatic guidelines, compared with foreign programs, cost 100 million, car weight reduction is 12 tons, battery life is extended to 10 years, and the battery life is extended to 10 years, and the battery life is not limited.