Snow is still sustained, they are still sticking!The various departments of Heilongjiang Province should have the weather of rain and snow disasters.

The fire refers to the war, and the portable shoulders will open the urban road with the fastest speed.

Heilongjiang Province Firefighting All Media Center is for map to 7:00 on November 9, the province’s fire rescue team dispatched 931 warpersons, 211 fire-fighting vehicles, and disposed of 115 low-temperature rain and snow-free disasters.

Among them, there are 159 road block points, and the ice is more than 100 tons of ice, and the inspection of more than 630 kilometers of the street, and 799 inverted trees.Exceeding tens of thousands of repairs continue to fight more than 40 hours "pay attention to the monitoring of key power transmission lines, especially to pay attention to the important transmission lines with ice-hidden dangers." November 8th, the national power grid Harbin Power Supply Company Transmission Inspection Intelligent Inspection CenterIn the control chamber, the staff focused on the monitoring screen of the mobile line channel visualization intelligent platform in the ocean.