Yuan Cosmo course began "cutting leek"? Someone is crazy to earn millions

  Some netizens commented on the book of Yuancai books.

Screenshots are on the app, and there are friends who have purchased the Yuan Cosmo related course. "Several courses are repeating the concept of the universe the universe, but more confused, the course is not too clear to the dollar universe.

"Some netizens ridicule," the early worm was eaten by birds, as long as I responded slowly, the Yuan Universe couldn’t cut me, and the "leeks" were all kinds of universe the cosmic trend and I would understand this.

"If you come back, what is the Yuan universe? In fact, there is currently no authoritative definition of the Yuanyuan.

According to Anxin Securities, November 9, pointed out that the universe is still in the early stage of development, and the science and technology companies have a move, both to maintain their existing industries, will also create the final form of Yuancai through their own efforts. . Zuo Pengfei, Secondary Bureau of China Academy of Social Sciences, China Academy of Sciences, Zuo Pengfei, secretary-general, secretary-general of the China Academy of Social Sciences, accepted the interview with the "China New Observation" column of China and Xinwang.com, popular, The Yuan Universe is a virtual reality application scenario that can be connected to a large-scale connection.

  "Yuancos is analyzed as a new life that is rapidly developing, from different perspectives such as technology, perception, economy, industry, just like a multifaceted body from different angles, it will inevitably draw different conclusions.

"Zuo Peng said, from the current situation of current power conditions, network technology and virtual reality technology, the implementation of the basic scene of Yuanhe Universe is only 10-20 years.

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