Zhangzhou introduced 16 high-level talents through the "political and business double" policy

  The government gives a business unit to receive the corresponding annual salary from the enterprise. This is the "political and business dual-management" policy introduced in the introduction of high-level talents. On August 30, the reporter learned from the "Double" Talent Preparation – Zhejiang Green Industry Development Research Institute learned that the policy has introduced 16 related high-level talents since 2020, which strongly promotes the improvement of industrial energy levels.

  "The ‘Double Hiring’ mechanism has opened the barriers of identity, preparation, social security, so that I can get better in the industrial research, accelerate the transformation of results.

"With the high-end equipment" bearing Dream ", Xu Yun, who came to Zhangzhou, a high-speed rail bearing company, said. At that time, Zhangzhou’s" political and business dual-management "policy proposed the" city management and county "concept, that is, each County (city, district) enterprises and institutions can apply for innovative talent specializing in the Zhejiang Green Industry Development Research Institute, and talents hit talents can enjoy the same level of talent service.

After learning that Xu Yun came, the city and county were actively incorporated into the "political and business dual management" management, and cashing the purchase subsidies, helping him to take root in Zhangzhou Longyou. After the company’s technical leader, Xu Yun led the R & D team to get difficult to attack, successfully strive for national major projects, establish a provincial key laboratory, provincial industrial innovation service complex, and it was also selected for provincial science and technology innovation talents. I just ushered in the first batch of new students’ high-speed railway New City Foreign Language School, which has been relying on the "Double Hiring" mechanism, from Jiangsu, Hebei introduced three provincial special teachers.

"There is a back shield of the ‘double hiring’ mechanism, I am more peaceful in Zhangzhou." Li Zhigang, a special teacher of Hebei Province, said that the relevant departments of the entrants also actively help coordinates children’s enrollment matters, let him feel the inclusion of Zhangzhou City. And open.

  "We are still exploring, working hard to broaden the scope of the ‘Double’ mechanism.

"The relevant person in charge of the Zhejiang Green Industry Development Research Institute said they are optimizing the recruitment procedures, striving for faster, and striving for more high-level talents, and gathers a professional technology for the city’s industrial industry, people’s livelihood. The high-quality, professional talents of the professional, professional scientific spirit, to create a four province’s marginal and prosperous demonstration zone, and the four provinces’ marginal central cities provide talent guarantee.

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